"It’s time for a change in District 66.  Collaboration is key to fixing the problems facing our state and community.  Divisive politicians have not gotten the job done." 


Our working families need more access to quality childcare options. To ensure this, we need to review the regulations that do not enhance safety and only serve to create barriers that cause undue burdens on small businesses providing childcare.


We all know that traffic in Baton Rouge is a big problem. State lawmakers have to figure out a way to reduce road congestion and ensure that daily commutes don’t interfere with our lives to the point that we miss out on time with our families and loved ones.


Louisiana has one of the highest rates of mother and infant mortality in the United States. We need to work together to implement solutions to decrease these rates and ensure quality healthcare for families. 


Crime is a concern for the citizens of Baton Rouge. We must work together to ensure that safety is a priority for the children and families of our state, while also making sure drug and substance abuse treatment programs and re-entry courts are accessible to individuals no matter what their socioeconomic status. 

Higher Education


We need to ensure the sustainability and predictability of the higher education institutions in Louisiana. The TOPS program is critical to ensuring that talented youth stay in Louisiana.